Printed Promotional Products

Printed Promotional Products like promotional products Kansas City are usually items or objects which are printed with a specific logo, slogan or advertisement. For this reason printed promotional products are give away items, to help companies promote themselves to existing and future customers. Promotional products are great for company meetings, business liaison and conferences etc. and there is a huge and wide variety of products available for almost any type of occasion, or business needs. Printed promotional products can be something as simple as a badge, to something more sophisticated such as glassware or conference bags.

Some of the products available  can include, golf balls, laptop bags, pencils, fridge magnets, note pads and many many more. Promotional products are also available to wear, and items such as polo shirts, baseball caps and fleeces, can also be obtained from most suppliers.

Many other types of products are suitable for promotional purposes and listed below are just some of them :

  • Badges : Bags : Bottle openers : Bookmarks : Calculators : Clothing : Diaries
  • Cooler bags : Conference bags : Golf balls : Key-rings : Ice scrapers : Laptop bags
  • Glassware : Stress balls : Tape measures : Leather goods : Travel mugs

Promotional badges

Choosing the Best Printing Service For Your Printing Needs

Printing services like printing services Phoenix which encompass commercial, educational and scientific areas have become a major industry today. Many businesses give preference to best printing services for their advertising requirements and all printing needs.

Locating best printing service is not an easy task. There are different factors that can help you in selecting one good service which meets all your printing requirements.

These factors include:

Whether the company can offer services for both offset as well as digital printing? If this facility is available, you can get all your printing work done from one dependable source.

Offset printing is meant for handling bulk orders. Very large quantities of prints can be created and reproduced at affordable costs. Unit costs drops as order quantities increase.

Digital printing is suitable for smaller quantities of print. This process enables direct printing without use of mechanical processes like plate production or film stripping.

A second factor in selection of best printing services is the product it handles. You will benefit from a printing service that handles wide range of products. A big advantage with such a company is that you don’t have to run to different companies for getting different products.

The products that one best printing services should

Tips on Excelling in College during Your Freshman Year

For most people, being able to make it through their freshman year at college without incident is a great accomplishment. Settling into college life can take a bit of time to do, and there will always to be bumps in the road along the way. The worst thing you can do is give up and pack your bags to go home, because in order to make in the fast paced world of today, you will need a good education at a school like AU Online. The following are few tips on making it through the first year of your college experience.

Orientation is Important

One of the first things that you need to make sure that you do when you first get to the college of your choice is to participate in all of the orientation classes that are available. Many Colleges in the NYC area will provide orientation classes to help new students become familiar with how life on the campus will go. The more of these classes you go to, the better you will be able to adapt to your new surroundings because these classes can help to eliminate that confusion that usually accompanies the freshman years.

Organization and

Absolute Eosinophil Count To Check For A Disease

download (39)An absolute eosinophils count is a kind of blood test specially performed to chart the number of white blood cells called eosinophils present in the body as these eosinophils charge up in case a person suffers from an allergic disease, an infection or any other medical condition. The test can also be done to monitor the ongoing treatment against parasites.

Low Number of Eosinophils

A low count of eosinophils in the blood is likely to happen if a person is suffering from Cushing syndrome, bloodstream infection or treatment with corticosteroids. Though a low number does not signify that the individual surely has a disease as the other parts of the immune system, compensate adequately.

High Number of Eosinophils

Some of the common causes of increased count are as follows:-

  • Allergic disorder
  • Particular type of cancer, or
  • Parasitic infections.

In case the count is only slightly elevated, people do not show any symptoms, and the high count is detected only when a complete blood count is done for some other purpose. However, if the count is very high, the increased number of eosinophils can inflame the tissues and even cause organ

The Zika Virus and the Olympic Games Committee

download (36)While it looms as a major health threat for the world the Zika virus is not a big enough issue in the minds of the Olympic Games Committee. It refuses to move the venue or postpone the Olympics to another time and the World Health Organisation appears to have buckled under the weight of the money invested. What is it they don’t understand. This disease threatens the life of babies and may spread throughout the world bringing a disaster from which we may never recover.

The long-term effect of the virus is also unknown and mutation of it into something more tragic is also likely. Once people infected with it return to their homelands its spread is virtually assured. So what are we talking about here.

The virus is the result of a mosquito bite and it has already spread beyond the borders of Brazil where it first came to the world’s attention. Because of the constant travel of organisers and others in and out of the country, as well as the neighbouring nations where it has also spread, it has already arrived in China,

Deadly Mosquito Borne Viral Diseases

download (34)The statistics are scary when one compares the number of deaths from mosquito borne viruses to that of the deadly Ebola, which has recently killed over 1,000 in central and west Africa. It is the most dangerous animal or insect in the world and its potential to strike anyone anywhere makes it a greater spreader of death than any air-borne disease, such as the flu which is also one of the major killers in the world.

According to recent statistics viruses spread by mosquitoes such as dengue, West Nile, and yellow fever kill over 50,000 worldwide per year while malaria kills over 600,000. It is estimated that 40% of the world’s population or 2.5 billion people are at risk, according to the Center for Diseases Control (CDC).

These diseases are usually the result of tropical mosquitoes that tend to be the most dangerous but with climate change and global warming they are spreading into new areas. They are also adapting to colder regions, as noticed in Australia where Ross Rover fever is now found in sub-tropical regions and as far south as New South Wales.


Why A Glomerular Filtration Test Is Performed

download (38)The kidney is one of the most vital organs, failure of which can cause a significant threat to an individual’s life. If you face symptoms of kidney disease, immediately visit a doctor and get necessary tests done. Of the many tests performed to study the proper functionality of kidneys, a GFR test is the best and most accurate one. It helps measure the amount of creatinine present in the blood, a breakdown product which is filtered out by the kidneys. The test is also utilized to analyze the stage of kidney damage. The higher the presence of creatinine, the higher is the stage of the disease.

How is the test performed?

A sample of blood is needed to carry out the GFR test. As mentioned above, the blood tests for the level of creatinine along with several other factors to estimate the glomerular filtration rate. Different formulas are used for analyzing the condition in children and adult. The formula includes the following:-

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Ethnicity
  • Blood creatinine measurement

Test Preparations

It is quite possible that your doctor may ask you to stop your regular medications for they can affect the

The Shadow of Osteoporosis

images (17)One of the realities of getting older for some people is osteoporosis. This is a serious condition, a bone disease in fact, and not to be confused with the natural tendency to lose bone density as we age. Osteo refers to bones and porosis to being porous, so porous bones are the appropriately named effects of this condition. There are ways to treat osteoporosis, as well as manage the pain, but the disease is not inevitable. Proper habits can slow and even prevent bone loss as we get older.

What Are the Odds?

While not inevitable, osteoporosis is actually quite common, particularly among women (who have a tendency to lose bone mass at higher rates men). It’s not just a matter of losing bone density, though. When seen under a microscope, healthy bone looks like a honeycomb. Bones suffering from osteoporosis have bigger holes and spaces in the honeycomb pattern, which is why they are brittle.

There are factors that you can control that put you at greater risk of osteoporosis, and there are factors that you cannot control.

Controllable Factors

    • Malnutrition: If you don’t eat enough fruits

Zika Virus Carried in Semen

download (35)Women have been infected with the Zika virus by men who have recently travelled to South American countries where the disease is active. Dallas County Health and Human Services noted recently that a person was infected after sexual contact with a male who had recently returned from Venezuela. It was confirmed by the Center for Diseases Control on February 2nd and with this information comes a warning to all who will travel to the Olympic Games.

It’s the cause of microcephaly, which is a condition that causes small heads or craniosynostosis. The latter is a condition in which the joints of the bones in the cranium close prematurely resulting in a shrunken head and small brain. There is no cure as the brain cannot be enlarged even if the skull could.

This is a major health issue and the organisers of the Olympic Games are risking spreading this disease throughout the world. While it is carried by mosquitoes it is easily transmitted when an infected person is bitten by an insect capable of taking it on board and passing it on.

The list of deadly mosquito

What Every Alcoholic Should Know

download (37)What is ‘Wet Brain’?

Wet brain is more than just an alcohol soaked brain. Did you know that it is a very real and very serious brain disorder called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome? Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (WKS) is caused by severe malnourishment, and is due to lack of vitamin B1. It is most commonly seen in alcoholics and others who are severely malnourished. This can include people suffering from anorexia and bulimia, as well.

In the alcoholic, WKS often goes undetected because the signs are often mistaken for intoxication. If you understand what Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is, and recognize the warning signs early enough, it can be treated and the progression can be halted.

What Are The Symptoms Of Wet Brain?

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome is actually two separate syndromes-Wornicke’s Encephalopathy and Korsakoff’s Psychosis-named after the doctors that discovered them. The two overlap and develop almost simultaneously, making the symptoms look like a single illness. It is important to understand the signs and symptoms of both parts of this illness in order to know how far the disease has progressed, and determine what treatment is necessary.

Wernicke’s Encephalopathy:

Phase one of this illness is the

Sgpt Test – To Map The Functionality Of The Liver

images (16)The liver is one of the primary and largest internal organs of the body that practically performs more than 500 functions vital for the human body to survive. Known as the chemical factory of the body, the liver processes almost everything that we eat, drink, and apply on the skin and even the air that we breathe in. Briefly, some of the vital functions of the liver are as follows:-

  • Detoxification of the blood.
  • Produces vital clotting elements, albumin, and many other essential proteins.
  • Processes medications and nutrients.
  • Processes waste materials present in hemoglobin and other cells.
  • Stores vitamins, cholesterol, fats, etc.
  • Produces glucose.

An infection or disease in this organ can not only affect the activities it performs but also put an impact on the functionality of other organs of the body as well. To map the proper working of liver, special tests are done. An initial step in detecting an injury or damage to the organ is a simple blood test to determine the level of some liver enzymes in the blood. While under normal conditions, these enzymes stay intact in the cells itself. But in the

Best Care For Pulmonology Treatment

download (33)Considering the amount of pollution present in the country today, chest medicine has become a growing field for the treatment of the diseases caused. The department of Pulmonology is mainly concerned with treating the diseases of the chest. It undertakes the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and management of pulmonary diseases in both the pediatric population and in adults. The doctors and all the staff employed by this department are trained individuals with several years of experience under their belt.

The department offers treatment for a large number of diseases.

Some of these are:

1) Bronchial Asthma: A condition in which the patient’s airways become inflated, narrow, and swell, also producing mucus.

2) COPD: A group of lung diseases that block the airways and make it difficult to breathe.

3) SDP: Sleep disordered breathing is a general term for breathing difficulties that occur while asleep.

4) Lung cancer

5) Tuberculosis

These diseases are very uncomfortable at best, and deadly or even fatal at their worst. It is important that the hospital be equipped with both an outpatient and inpatient service.

Emergency services need to be provided by the department, and round

Aiding the Spread of Disease

download (31)Mosquito borne diseases are in the headlines because of the Zika virus and many will be surprised to learn how it was spread to Brazil and why it is now a major problem. Its origin was the Zika forest in Africa and is came about as a result of an experiment which involved injecting a rhesus monkey with yellow fever. Within a short six to seven-year period it showed up in other parts of Africa and then Asia. Nothing was said about it and as there were so few cases there was no health alert.

Obviously it continued to be spread among animals as they are frequently bitten by the infected insects and ‘bush meat’, which comprises of apes taken from the jungle. The same infected mosquitoes also bit humans and transferred the Zika virus to those who subsequently travelled to other areas, including those where it spread even further. A major outbreak occurred on the Yap island in the Melanesian group in the early part of the 21st century.

It was the FIFA world-cup, however, that brought huge crowds from all areas to Brazil

Testing and Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

download (32)There are mainly two types of tests conducted to diagnose the bacteria of Tuberculosis (TB) in a person – the TB skin test (TST) and TB blood test. While it is suggested that a person with symptoms of tuberculosis must opt for both the tests, a blood test is considered to be a more accurate and painless one.

QuantiFERON – TB Gold Test (QFT – G) is a whole blood test that aids in the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, in addition to tuberculosis disease and latent tuberculosis infection. A pathologist draws a few ml of blood from the patient’s vein and sends it to the laboratory for analysis and results.

In case of a positive report, it means that a person has been infected with the bacteria of TB. Add-on tests may be suggested to determine the depth of disease. On the other hand, in case of a negative report, it means that a person’s blood did not react to the test and that he/she is not prone to the disease.

Advantages of using a QuantiFERON – TB Gold Test are as follows:-

  • It requires

Thirty-Six Million Living With Aids

download (30)At the latest conference on this virus currently being held in Memphis, Tennessee, and called the Saving Ourselves Symposium (SOS) these figures were released. It is exposing the latest cutting edge techniques and treatments and has experts attending from around the globe. While these figures are shocking in their magnitude the number has substantially dropped over the last ten years or so. The problem is ignorance and finance to extend help to more areas.

It appears that some countries are so against gays in their communities that they are excluded from attending. This is only a fraction of the ignorance and wrongful attitudes exhibited by poorer class countries that need the most help. In many such places contraceptives are banned and men who take partners outside of marriage are spreading the virus further. Unsuspecting wives are then passing it on to their unborn children.

The Catholic Church is also to blame for assisting the spread of this disease. Its dogma against safe sex is one of the problems but the shame felt by those who contract it makes it difficult for them to front up

Why Vicks VapoRub Will Be Beneficial This Winter

images (14)Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus Oil – this is exactly what you need for the winter. A product recommended by most people surely works especially if you are sick and have a phlegmy cough.

Vicks has often been used for adults and children during the times that they are sick. This family-friendly product has got such high recommendations because of how well it works. Here are a few ways how to use Vicks:

    • The ingredients combined together make it easier for your body to relieve itself from nasal catarrh which is also known as the mucous substance that congests the respiratory tract. It will also relieve your ear of pain if you have an infection.
    • Vicks can be applied to different areas of the body such as the chest to help disinfect those troublesome bacteria when you have a cough.
    • Applying Vicks to your temple will help relieve a headache. Menthol has a strong chemical that allows your body to release a pressure that will get rid of that headache.
    • Another surprising way to get rid of your cough is by applying the product to your feet. By

Popular Ways to Raise Awareness for Sickle Cell Diseases

images (15)The disease commonly known as Sickle-Cell Anemia (SCA) affects many around the world. It is possible that the disease may start early at the age of five to six months. Some of the drastic side effects of this disease that become apparent include acute pain, anemia, chronic infections, and sometimes stroke. The sickle-cell trait is identified to be extensive, reaching its highest predominance in parts of Africa and Saudi Arabia where the prevention management of sickle cell disease has been carried out aggressively. World Sickle Cell Awareness Day is conducted on 19th June of every year.

There are many programs around the world to control this disease. Prevention is done through sickle-cell screening and genetic counseling for contaminated regions. Researchers say that the disease can be identified even before birth.

Surveillance and research are important components of the program where the information generated should be disseminated and used as evidence in policy-making as well as in day-to-day decision-making in the management of the programs. Partnerships should be fostered between health professionals, parents, patients, relevant community interest groups, and the media. These partnerships will facilitate civic

Help Raise Scleroderma Awareness

images (13)Did you know there are as many as 80 known types of autoimmune disorders in the world? According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) they affect up to 50 million Americans. Some of these disorders do tend to run in families. However, no one knows the exact cause of autoimmune disease; the only thing medical experts are sure of is that it can be traced to a defect in the immune system. The immune system may start acting strange and prompt your body’s organs to make too much protein collagen. As currently there is no cure, treatment focuses more on relieving symptoms.

Scleroderma is one of these diseases – it is very rare and very progressive. What’s even worse is that there still are many undiagnosed cases out there. Scientists have found that about 300,000 Americans have developed scleroderma, which is translated as “hard skin”. Among its most visible manifestations is severe hardening of the skin. It also causes changes in your muscles and internal organs; this is because the immune system goes out of control and starts fighting off anything in

Fibromyalgia Patients And The Pain Center: A Bond Like No Other

download (29)The pain associated with fibromyalgia pain is a chronic condition that is wide spread pain throughout the body. It is in the joints, muscles, and tendons leaving the patient with tender areas on their body. They have constant fatigue and sleep problems and often suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

A primary care health professional will make the initial diagnosis of fibromyalgia and possibly start the patient on pain management medication. But after a certain point and time, it becomes necessary and in the patient’s best interest to enroll in a pain center.

Ninety percent of what all persons with fibromyalgia biggest complaint are the fatigue, which is stemmed from abnormal sleep patterns. Restorative sleep isn’t something that people with fibromyalgia get much of and they also will have REM (rapid eye movement) while they sleep. This too leads to the chronic fatigue they suffer from.

Other symptoms that a pain center will see in the fibromyalgia patients they take are one or more of the following conditions:

• Anxiety

• Bladder Problems

• Depression

• Forgetfulness

• Headaches (a migraine or tension)

• IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

• Memory Problems

• Mood Changes

• Poor

Wear Purple to Support Vitiligo Global Awareness Day

download (28)Vitiligo does not have any painful effects or significant health consequences. However, it has a real and sometimes devastating emotional and psychological impact on patient lives. The exact cause remains a mystery, although medical experts have different theories on what might trigger the loss of pigment. Some explain it with an autoimmune disorder, others say it is caused by a particular combination of genes. It is true that heredity is always important, especially in this case, but definitely not the whole story. It turns out that vitiligo can also be induced by severe emotional stress.

It affects both males and females of all ages. The resistant network of cells in the immune system has the amazing ability to fight off and prevent different infections but in vitiligo, a person’s own immune system starts attacking the melanocytes – the skin’s pigment cells, responsible for skin color. The damage of pigment cells results in white spots or patches all over the skin and sometimes also on the lips, genitals, eyelashes and eyebrows. Vitiligo can be diagnosed by a dermatologist usually based on physical examinations, medical history