Popular Ways to Raise Awareness for Sickle Cell Diseases

images (15)The disease commonly known as Sickle-Cell Anemia (SCA) affects many around the world. It is possible that the disease may start early at the age of five to six months. Some of the drastic side effects of this disease that become apparent include acute pain, anemia, chronic infections, and sometimes stroke. The sickle-cell trait is identified to be extensive, reaching its highest predominance in parts of Africa and Saudi Arabia where the prevention management of sickle cell disease has been carried out aggressively. World Sickle Cell Awareness Day is conducted on 19th June of every year.

There are many programs around the world to control this disease. Prevention is done through sickle-cell screening and genetic counseling for contaminated regions. Researchers say that the disease can be identified even before birth.

Surveillance and research are important components of the program where the information generated should be disseminated and used as evidence in policy-making as well as in day-to-day decision-making in the management of the programs. Partnerships should be fostered between health professionals, parents, patients, relevant community interest groups, and the media. These partnerships will facilitate civic learning and identification of genetic risks in the community by making it easier to record family disease history, raise more awareness, and actively participate in prevention care programs.

The following are some of the general ways to raise awareness for sickle cell disease:

    • Create kiosks in order to share knowledge and help people utilize the opportunity to gain information for those in need.


    • Spread the word on social media in several ways such as spreading the word through messages-“John the fight against sickle cell disease.” Those who see it in their feed may feel compelled to learn more about the cause.


    • Make and post a documentary-style video on social media about the symptoms and treatments of disease.


    • Start a petition to build billboards at important junctions to spread the word about the sickle cell eradication programs.


    • Start campaigning and talking to friends and family about Sickle Cell Awareness Day. This would be a perfect opportunity for them to learn about the disease.


    • Make pamphlets or flyers about the disease. A few different questions to answer: “How is it prevented?” and “What are some of the symptoms?” These can be given out at shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, and so on.


  • Wear certain accessory items such as T-shirts and hats, and buy other types of merchandise such as pens, mugs, and pins. One really creative and effective way to spread awareness for the disease is to wear silicone wristbands. Any message can be printed on any given wristband, meaning that those who notice it will also see the message. These wristbands are also popular fashion accessories that can be worn by practically anyone. They are popular at any public event. They are especially useful gifts to give people at a fundraising campaign event. Wristbands bought online are fully customizable, but no matter where they come from, they often come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. When customizing silicone wristbands, it is possible to select special designs such as embossed, debossed, dual layer, multi colored, and swirled that aren’t seen as often in stores.

Again, Sickle-Cell Anemia is a very deadly disease that makes life harder for people all over the world. Help these victims by spreading awareness; no matter how it’s done, it is always appreciated.

Why Vicks VapoRub Will Be Beneficial This Winter

images (14)Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus Oil – this is exactly what you need for the winter. A product recommended by most people surely works especially if you are sick and have a phlegmy cough.

Vicks has often been used for adults and children during the times that they are sick. This family-friendly product has got such high recommendations because of how well it works. Here are a few ways how to use Vicks:

    • The ingredients combined together make it easier for your body to relieve itself from nasal catarrh which is also known as the mucous substance that congests the respiratory tract. It will also relieve your ear of pain if you have an infection.
    • Vicks can be applied to different areas of the body such as the chest to help disinfect those troublesome bacteria when you have a cough.
    • Applying Vicks to your temple will help relieve a headache. Menthol has a strong chemical that allows your body to release a pressure that will get rid of that headache.
    • Another surprising way to get rid of your cough is by applying the product to your feet. By doing this you are giving yourself a better night’s rest and will wake up feeling less congested.
    • Overworked muscles can make great use of Vicks. Because Vicks is meant to increase circulation it will speed up the process of your muscles healing after a heavy workout or if you accidentally pulled a muscle.
    • Besides aching muscles and cough reliever, Vicks also helps with skin problems. The anti-inflammatory agents allow the skin to alleviate the appearance of stretch marks on your body. Eczema can also be taken care of by this magical little jar. Camphor is known to help soothe and repair skin so Vicks can definitely help with a little skin problem.
  • With a little bit of salt and Vicks, you can get rid of bruises. They stand out so much and luckily there is a way to hide that blue spot. Vicks increases circulation so it will speed up the process of healing.

It is important to take care of your body because you never know if something as small as a cough can lead to something like pneumonia. It is wise to always take full precaution for the things you don’t know. Most cash and carry wholesalers will definitely stock up on this important product this winter knowing that it can benefit people during the cold seasons.

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Help Raise Scleroderma Awareness

images (13)Did you know there are as many as 80 known types of autoimmune disorders in the world? According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) they affect up to 50 million Americans. Some of these disorders do tend to run in families. However, no one knows the exact cause of autoimmune disease; the only thing medical experts are sure of is that it can be traced to a defect in the immune system. The immune system may start acting strange and prompt your body’s organs to make too much protein collagen. As currently there is no cure, treatment focuses more on relieving symptoms.

Scleroderma is one of these diseases – it is very rare and very progressive. What’s even worse is that there still are many undiagnosed cases out there. Scientists have found that about 300,000 Americans have developed scleroderma, which is translated as “hard skin”. Among its most visible manifestations is severe hardening of the skin. It also causes changes in your muscles and internal organs; this is because the immune system goes out of control and starts fighting off anything in our body it doesn’t recognize.

Many patients, however, can lead a full, productive life if their doctor finds a way to control the disease. In other words, research is vital, as it can save millions of lives. People from the Scleroderma Foundation have dedicated their lives to helping others learn more about this devastating disease and raise more resources for medical research. It is all about sharing information and helping patients, families, providers and caregivers.

Here is a list of things anyone can do to get the word out for June’s Scleroderma Awareness Month:

    • Send a letter to your local radio, TV channel or newspaper and share your story or the story of someone you know. Become an advocate for scleroderma sufferers and connect to all people knowing absolutely nothing about the disease or to those who want to gain more knowledge.


    • This month, update your Facebook profile picture with a teal ribbon (which is one of the popular scleroderma awareness symbols) and get your friends to hit the like button. Also, find and download online resources or simply use the hashtag #hardword on Twitter.


    • Organize an exciting activity to raise awareness in your local community. You can go with anything from gigs, marathons, university lectures, fashion shows, informative talks. Design an effective poster or promotional rubber bracelets including info about the event and give them out at local malls or coffee shops. Also, promote healthier lifestyle and eat more organic foods and super-foods.


    • Talking about rubber bracelets, these products are the perfect to show what you care about, because they never go out of fashion and are the perfect tool called “word of mouth marketing”. They are also 100% customizable, so go online and find a reputable manufacturer, use their website design tool and choose your own original message. Here are a few ideas: “I Am Scleroderma”, “Help Put an End to Sclero – What?”, “Hard Word, Harder Disease”, “Think Teal”, or “I Walk for Scleroderma Awareness”.


  • Share information about the need for diagnostic training of medical experts. We meet someone who is a scleroderma survivor and we say: “Wow, I have so much admiration and respect for that guy!” but what most of us don’t realize is that this patient’s life lies entirely in the hands of his doctors. The more medical experts recognize the symptoms, the better chances the patient stands.

Fibromyalgia Patients And The Pain Center: A Bond Like No Other

download (29)The pain associated with fibromyalgia pain is a chronic condition that is wide spread pain throughout the body. It is in the joints, muscles, and tendons leaving the patient with tender areas on their body. They have constant fatigue and sleep problems and often suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

A primary care health professional will make the initial diagnosis of fibromyalgia and possibly start the patient on pain management medication. But after a certain point and time, it becomes necessary and in the patient’s best interest to enroll in a pain center.

Ninety percent of what all persons with fibromyalgia biggest complaint are the fatigue, which is stemmed from abnormal sleep patterns. Restorative sleep isn’t something that people with fibromyalgia get much of and they also will have REM (rapid eye movement) while they sleep. This too leads to the chronic fatigue they suffer from.

Other symptoms that a pain center will see in the fibromyalgia patients they take are one or more of the following conditions:

• Anxiety

• Bladder Problems

• Depression

• Forgetfulness

• Headaches (a migraine or tension)

• IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

• Memory Problems

• Mood Changes

• Poor concentration

• Paresthesia

The Causes Of Fibromyalgia Pain

To date, experts cannot identify any specific cause for fibromyalgia pain. But what a pain center staff does know is that fibromyalgia symptoms develop after a person has experienced emotional or physical trauma.

Other things that are believed to be related to fibromyalgia are genetics and infections will trigger the pain in fibromyalgia patients. Some experts believe that central sensitization process is the reason that is behind fibromyalgia’s painful symptoms and also causes those patients to have a low tolerance for pain.

Central sensitization is a process that leads to sensitivity in the brain to peak with pain signals. Latest research shows that there are elevated levels of substance P, a nerve chemical, in fibromyalgia patients. Pain center staff have tested and found that serotonin is another chemical is found to be lower in fibromyalgia patients.

In addition, changes in the brain can stem from repeated nerve stimulation. From those changes, disturbances of pain perception can lead fibromyalgia patients to overreact to pain signals.

The Risk Factors of Fibromyalgia

Studies and research have found that women are the more susceptible gender to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Also, it has been found by pain center admittances that those with a family medical history that has fibromyalgia, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis are likely to be diagnosed as well.

For anyone that has experienced widespread pain for 3 months or longer in at least 11 of the 18 tender points should ask their doctor to test them for fibromyalgia. The doctor’s office or the pain center staff can draw blood to be tested that will either confirm or rule out any conditions with similar symptoms. After everything else has been ruled out and excluded, then a doctor is able to diagnosis the patient with fibromyalgia.

Treatment Options:

A pain center can provide many different treatment options to help a fibromyalgia patient with pain management. Amount the treatment options are:

• Acupuncture

• Biofeedback

• Massage Therapy

• Medication Management

• Myofascial Release

• Pain Psychology

• Physical Therapy

• Trigger Point Injection

• Treatment of Underlying Contributing Pain Generators