Best Care For Pulmonology Treatment

download (33)Considering the amount of pollution present in the country today, chest medicine has become a growing field for the treatment of the diseases caused. The department of Pulmonology is mainly concerned with treating the diseases of the chest. It undertakes the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and management of pulmonary diseases in both the pediatric population and in adults. The doctors and all the staff employed by this department are trained individuals with several years of experience under their belt.

The department offers treatment for a large number of diseases.

Some of these are:

1) Bronchial Asthma: A condition in which the patient’s airways become inflated, narrow, and swell, also producing mucus.

2) COPD: A group of lung diseases that block the airways and make it difficult to breathe.

3) SDP: Sleep disordered breathing is a general term for breathing difficulties that occur while asleep.

4) Lung cancer

5) Tuberculosis

These diseases are very uncomfortable at best, and deadly or even fatal at their worst. It is important that the hospital be equipped with both an outpatient and inpatient service.

Emergency services need to be provided by the department, and round the clock resident doctors be available at the hospital to take care of emergency patients. A fully equipped, state of the art Respiratory ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is a part of multispeciality hospital, to provide services in emergency situations or for critical care patients.

Pulmonary & respiratory care physicians are specialists in diagnosing and treating breathing diseases and lung conditions, applying the newest technology and strategies to help you breath more easily.

Pulmonary medicine is a subspecialty of internal medicine that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions that affect the lungs and respiratory tract. Here are some of the most common conditions that our pulmonologists diagnose and treatment.

Pulmonology department also focuses on the disease-oriented research programs with a focus on translating latest research findings to offer effective care and treatment, which makes this department one of the best for carrying out the treatment.

The latest findings that happen in the world of pulmonary medicine are used to treat diseases and make the world a better place. The various services offered by this department include Centre for snoring and sleep disorders, bronchial asthma clinic, allergy clinic and allergen testing, pulmonary function lab and DLCO lab, Flexible and rigid bronchoscopy, medical and surgical thoracoscopy, lung biopsy, lung cancer clinic, pulmonary tuberculosis clinic, ILD clinic, and CT Thorax.

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Aiding the Spread of Disease

download (31)Mosquito borne diseases are in the headlines because of the Zika virus and many will be surprised to learn how it was spread to Brazil and why it is now a major problem. Its origin was the Zika forest in Africa and is came about as a result of an experiment which involved injecting a rhesus monkey with yellow fever. Within a short six to seven-year period it showed up in other parts of Africa and then Asia. Nothing was said about it and as there were so few cases there was no health alert.

Obviously it continued to be spread among animals as they are frequently bitten by the infected insects and ‘bush meat’, which comprises of apes taken from the jungle. The same infected mosquitoes also bit humans and transferred the Zika virus to those who subsequently travelled to other areas, including those where it spread even further. A major outbreak occurred on the Yap island in the Melanesian group in the early part of the 21st century.

It was the FIFA world-cup, however, that brought huge crowds from all areas to Brazil in 2014. This is how the epidemic started and why it is not a good idea to attend the Olympic Games. As it is also a sexually transmitted disease known to be harboured in semen and transferred to partners it is something that will have major consequences after the Games and may affect the entire world.

Religion plays a big part in the spread of such diseases because of the ignorance and ban on contraceptives and safe sex. The Catholic Church is among the worst of these organisations and Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, and other nations where the Spaniards colonised them, will follow Vatican orders.

In a world where disasters are now common place and there are signs that we are in the last days there is not much that can be done to stop it all rom happening. After my reincarnation my spiritual link grew substantially until given a commission to remove the wall of blindness. It was followed by many visions that confirmed the future end of the earth as we know it.

While there are so many authorities, governments, religious orders, and others running the world there is no hope of stopping the stupidity that is the product of money and power. It is what runs the World Order set in place by the Roman Emperor, Constantine, who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD, and it is still run on his principles and under his commands. He is 666 in Revelation 13:12-18 and everyone has heard of him.

Testing and Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

download (32)There are mainly two types of tests conducted to diagnose the bacteria of Tuberculosis (TB) in a person – the TB skin test (TST) and TB blood test. While it is suggested that a person with symptoms of tuberculosis must opt for both the tests, a blood test is considered to be a more accurate and painless one.

QuantiFERON – TB Gold Test (QFT – G) is a whole blood test that aids in the diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, in addition to tuberculosis disease and latent tuberculosis infection. A pathologist draws a few ml of blood from the patient’s vein and sends it to the laboratory for analysis and results.

In case of a positive report, it means that a person has been infected with the bacteria of TB. Add-on tests may be suggested to determine the depth of disease. On the other hand, in case of a negative report, it means that a person’s blood did not react to the test and that he/she is not prone to the disease.

Advantages of using a QuantiFERON – TB Gold Test are as follows:-

  • It requires only one visit.
  • Results are available sooner in comparison to the TB skin test (TST).
  • Results are more accurate and specific.
  • Results are readily available in EPIC.
  • It does not boost any responses measured by subsequent tests.
  • Prior BCG vaccination does not pose any false-positive results.
  • The test is covered by all major insurance policies.

Disadvantages of using QuantiFERON – TB Gold Test are as follows:-

  • The blood sample collected must be examined within 12-16 hours of the collection while the WBCs are still viable.
  • There is limited data available on use of this test for:-
  1. People who have been recently exposed to M. Tuberculosis,
  2. Serial Testing,
  3. Immunocompromised people, and
  4. Children below the age of 5 years.

Diagnosis of Latent TB Infection

A person is diagnosed with a latent TB infection in case of a positive test results, and the medical evaluation does not indicate a TB disease. The treatment of this infection majorly depends on the person’s chances of developing the TB disease in mere future by considering all the risk factors.

Diagnosis of TB Disease

A TB disease is typically diagnosed by taking into consideration the medical history of the person along with a physical examination, chest x-ray, and other essential lab tests. A proper course of treatment is suggested to a patient suffering from this disease under the supervision of a specialist.

Symptoms of TB Disease are as follows:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain
  • Coughing for more than 3 weeks

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Thirty-Six Million Living With Aids

download (30)At the latest conference on this virus currently being held in Memphis, Tennessee, and called the Saving Ourselves Symposium (SOS) these figures were released. It is exposing the latest cutting edge techniques and treatments and has experts attending from around the globe. While these figures are shocking in their magnitude the number has substantially dropped over the last ten years or so. The problem is ignorance and finance to extend help to more areas.

It appears that some countries are so against gays in their communities that they are excluded from attending. This is only a fraction of the ignorance and wrongful attitudes exhibited by poorer class countries that need the most help. In many such places contraceptives are banned and men who take partners outside of marriage are spreading the virus further. Unsuspecting wives are then passing it on to their unborn children.

The Catholic Church is also to blame for assisting the spread of this disease. Its dogma against safe sex is one of the problems but the shame felt by those who contract it makes it difficult for them to front up for treatment. Religions are known to cause the spread of other sexually transmitted viruses and now the Zika virus comes into the mix.

Humans are vulnerable to other types of illnesses passed on through sex. In the past it was syphilis which caused enormous pain and suffering. At first thought to have been brought into Europe from the Americas after the Spaniards sojourns there it is bow found in European skeletal remains from much earlier, one of these being the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, Lord Darnley.

From the reports of his peculiar behaviour there is the likelihood that he was gay, especially when he was found having sex with a male for which he was killed. That means that long before the Spaniards set their sails on route to the Americas the virus was already active in the European environment.

Sex is an uncontrollable urge in the majority of men and viruses are easily transmitted when they contaminate semen or are passed on through body fluids. This is part of the disasters growing in prevalence as we draw closer to the end. Visions given to me following my reincarnation and teaching by the Spirit of the universe showing the things that will bring the world to an end as we know it are now coming to pass.

The growth in population demonstrates that everyone is back as noted they would be in prophecies (Isaiah 26:19) and they have reincarnated (Job 5:19-22). If the predictions are all correct our time is up and it will likely be religions that will wipe out most humans.