Sepsis Symptoms – What It Is and How to Not Get It!

download (27)In this article I want to talk about some of the most common sepsis symptoms, what it is and how someone can not get it.

Our bodies are under constant threat and if a bad guy gets through our defenses then an infection happens where the enemy grows inside us.

Most of the time when this happens our immune system takes it down. With the disease Sepsis this infection gets out of hand.

For example if a bacteria that causes the infection goes into the blood stream it could travel and this is really bad because it spreads. To me it reminds me of cancer, you don’t want cancer to hit the bloodstream because it can grow much quicker just like an infection.

Some people call this blood poisoning when bacteria enters the blood stream.

If you have an infection on your skin what happens? It gets red, maybe hot, it grows, think of a pimple. This is called inflammation and too much of it is bad. It’s a major cause of pain, aging and ailments.

With sepsis this inflammation happens all over the body, blood pressure drops

Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment – Traditional and Non-Traditional!

download (26)Today I want to share a few sickle-cell anemia treatment ideas.

There is 1 thing you need right now and if you don’t get it within maybe 2 or 3 minutes you will die, what am I talking about? Think of drowning, yea you need oxygen.

Red blood cells carry oxygen to organs that need it and eliminate carbon dioxide. They are shaped like circles, so they can move easier.

When a person has sickle-cell anemia their red blood cells are shaped like sickles. Sickles are tools used in farming to cut down stuff and they are shaped like a half-moon.

When red bloods cells have this shape they are not as flexible and can stick to things. This slows or stops the flow of blood and oxygen can’t get to where it’s needed.

Let’s talk about treatment. With traditional treatment the goal would be to increase red blood cells in the body and secondly to diagnose and eliminate what is causing the problem.

For example it could be caused by an infection and antibiotics could be used to fight that off and hopefully that could help.

A person may

Lumbar Spondylosis And Disc Bulge Causes And Treatment

download (25)Spondylosis means changes in vertebral joint that is characterized by increased degeneration of the intervertebral disc and subsequent changes in soft tissues and bones. Lumbar spondylosis generally encompasses herniations, lumbar disc bulges, vertebral bony overgrowths or osteophytes and facet joint degeneration. Degenerative changes increase as you age, but can be asymptomatic. Disc herniation that causes spinal stenosis and nerve root compression is symptomatic. The common symptoms include back movement restrictions, sciatica and low back pain.

The causes

Lumbar spondylosis results majorly from aging. Chemical and biological changes that come with aging can degenerate tissues. The same happens to the vertebrae in the spine and intervertebral discs that function as shock absorbers. Annulus fibrosus is among the structures that form the discs and it is composed of more than sixty touch collagen fiber circular bands. Age is definitely a risk factor when it comes to developing lumbar spondylosis but there are other factors that can lead to the same.

Injury – Trauma can make you susceptible to lumbar spondylosis. It is important for all injuries to be treated effectively using the right approach.

Obesity – The fact is