The Zika Virus and the Olympic Games Committee

download (36)While it looms as a major health threat for the world the Zika virus is not a big enough issue in the minds of the Olympic Games Committee. It refuses to move the venue or postpone the Olympics to another time and the World Health Organisation appears to have buckled under the weight of the money invested. What is it they don’t understand. This disease threatens the life of babies and may spread throughout the world bringing a disaster from which we may never recover.

The long-term effect of the virus is also unknown and mutation of it into something more tragic is also likely. Once people infected with it return to their homelands its spread is virtually assured. So what are we talking about here.

The virus is the result of a mosquito bite and it has already spread beyond the borders of Brazil where it first came to the world’s attention. Because of the constant travel of organisers and others in and out of the country, as well as the neighbouring nations where it has also spread, it has already arrived in China, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and even in Australia with travellers.

It is known to be picked up by mosquitos in the tropical and subtropical regions who will then go on to bite other hosts. It is responsible for the microcephaly in babies whose heads are malformed and brains greatly reduced in size. Many of these infants have difficulty with vision while other impairments are prominent. In children born with such a condition life expectancy is greatly reduced.

Some babies will die in the first year of life, which is a heartbreaking scenario for parents. Other will need looking after for the during of their time on earth and the longest they have been known to live is 35 years. The handicaps they face and the drain on the communities that will support them is huge.

Brazil is predominantly a Catholic country and family planning, contraceptives, and abortions are all banned. With memory of my reincarnation and wisdom to know that this religion and others born of it are nothing but make-believe dreams passed down from ancestral sun-worshipers it is easy to see a purpose in God’s plan.

We are in the last days and that is obvious from all that is taking place. Not least of these is the way nations are lining up to fight out their disputes. Coupled with climate change and global warming that will no doubt produce more deadly diseases the world is on a losing streak of major proportions.

Money is not the only thing that has sprung this trap as ignorance and a willingness to follow blindly in the wake of misguided leadership is a human trait.

Zika Virus Carried in Semen

download (35)Women have been infected with the Zika virus by men who have recently travelled to South American countries where the disease is active. Dallas County Health and Human Services noted recently that a person was infected after sexual contact with a male who had recently returned from Venezuela. It was confirmed by the Center for Diseases Control on February 2nd and with this information comes a warning to all who will travel to the Olympic Games.

It’s the cause of microcephaly, which is a condition that causes small heads or craniosynostosis. The latter is a condition in which the joints of the bones in the cranium close prematurely resulting in a shrunken head and small brain. There is no cure as the brain cannot be enlarged even if the skull could.

This is a major health issue and the organisers of the Olympic Games are risking spreading this disease throughout the world. While it is carried by mosquitoes it is easily transmitted when an infected person is bitten by an insect capable of taking it on board and passing it on.

The list of deadly mosquito borne diseases is greater than this, however, as they include dengue fever, Nile River fever, and Yellow Fever, among others. All are known to exist among the insects in the regions of South America, Africa, and parts of the Pacific nations including China where the Zika virus has also spread.

The question is should it be up to the World Health Organisation to stop the games or should the responsibility be on those who intend to take part in them or to be there as observers. With travel being what it is today there is no chance of quarantine in regards to those returning to countries now free of such diseases as there once was.

With memory of reincarnation and a link to the Spirit of the Universe it is my opinion that we are in the last days and that spreading this and other viruses around is part of bringing life as we know it to an end.