Thirty-Six Million Living With Aids

download (30)At the latest conference on this virus currently being held in Memphis, Tennessee, and called the Saving Ourselves Symposium (SOS) these figures were released. It is exposing the latest cutting edge techniques and treatments and has experts attending from around the globe. While these figures are shocking in their magnitude the number has substantially dropped over the last ten years or so. The problem is ignorance and finance to extend help to more areas.

It appears that some countries are so against gays in their communities that they are excluded from attending. This is only a fraction of the ignorance and wrongful attitudes exhibited by poorer class countries that need the most help. In many such places contraceptives are banned and men who take partners outside of marriage are spreading the virus further. Unsuspecting wives are then passing it on to their unborn children.

The Catholic Church is also to blame for assisting the spread of this disease. Its dogma against safe sex is one of the problems but the shame felt by those who contract it makes it difficult for them to front up for treatment. Religions are known to cause the spread of other sexually transmitted viruses and now the Zika virus comes into the mix.

Humans are vulnerable to other types of illnesses passed on through sex. In the past it was syphilis which caused enormous pain and suffering. At first thought to have been brought into Europe from the Americas after the Spaniards sojourns there it is bow found in European skeletal remains from much earlier, one of these being the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, Lord Darnley.

From the reports of his peculiar behaviour there is the likelihood that he was gay, especially when he was found having sex with a male for which he was killed. That means that long before the Spaniards set their sails on route to the Americas the virus was already active in the European environment.

Sex is an uncontrollable urge in the majority of men and viruses are easily transmitted when they contaminate semen or are passed on through body fluids. This is part of the disasters growing in prevalence as we draw closer to the end. Visions given to me following my reincarnation and teaching by the Spirit of the universe showing the things that will bring the world to an end as we know it are now coming to pass.

The growth in population demonstrates that everyone is back as noted they would be in prophecies (Isaiah 26:19) and they have reincarnated (Job 5:19-22). If the predictions are all correct our time is up and it will likely be religions that will wipe out most humans.